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ProBot is a highly configurable, multipurpose bot that offers features like image greeting, detailed logs, social commands, moderation, self-assignable roles, social media notifications, and protection for your server.

About Our Docs

Our documentation provides comprehensive explanations on how to use and configure each feature of ProBot, as well as troubleshooting tips for any issues that may arise.


Easily navigate to a specific module by clicking its name in the sidebar on the left. Each module has its own configuration page.


All ProBot commands have a dedicated page with usage examples and information. Check out our commands page for more details.


This documentation uses the following color-coding system:


Indicates feature-related tips.

thông tin

Provides feature-related information.

cẩn thận

Highlights feature-related cautions.

ghi chú

Shows feature-related notes.

cảnh báo

Indicates known bugs, issues, and things to avoid that may negatively impact workflow.