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What is a Starboard?

Welcome aboard the Starboard, where messages take center stage! In this comprehensive guide, we'll navigate the depths of this remarkable feature and unveil how you can tailor it to fit your server's unique identity. Prepare for a voyage into the world of the Starboard

Starboard Unveiled

Imagine the Starboard as your server's grand stage. It's a democratic pinning system where messages earn their moment in the limelight through ⭐️ reactions. When a message gathers a constellation of stars (let's say, 3 or more), a sophisticated bot emerges, escorting it to the prestigious #starboard channel. The magic? There's no limit to how many messages can claim this celestial spotlight. It's a celebration of your server's most brilliant moments.

Dashboard Customization

Now, let's dive into the heart of customization through the dashboard. This is your canvas to craft the Starboard in harmony with your server's essence. Here are the gems of customization awaiting your touch:

  1. Starboard Name: Handpick a catchy name for your starboard. Make it memorable and reflective of your server's personality.

  2. Starboard Channel: Decide which channel will play host to your starboard. A dedicated spot for stardom!

  3. Enabled Channels: You have the ability to select where the starboard feature should work. Keep it confined or let it roam freely – it's up to you.

  4. Enabled Roles: Handpick the roles that can trigger the starboard feature. Keep it exclusive or make it open to all.

  5. Star Limit: Define how many stars a message needs to earn its place on the starboard. Set the bar high or low – it's your call.

  6. Custom Emoji (Premium Feature): If you're a premium user, you can even choose a custom emoji for your stars. Show off your server's style!

  7. Starboard Message: Decide whether you want the starred message to appear as a plain message or an eye-catching embed

  8. Advanced Options: For those craving more control, advanced options include the ability to ignore self-stars and toggle the React to Starboard Post feature. This feature adds a convenient button to display the number of stars a post has, and users can manage it themselves.

A Grand Finale

In conclusion, the Starboard isn't just about collecting stars; it's about celebrating your server's moments in style. Whether you're highlighting memes, commemorating achievements, or simply enjoying conversations, the Starboard adds an elegant touch.

So, unleash your creativity, and let your messages shine! With your Starboard, you set the stage and the stars will follow. ⭐️✨