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In this section, you will gain a deeper understanding of the ProBot commands, their usage, and an example of how to put such commands into action.

  • As slash commands are the default bot prefix, all usages and examples will be exemplified with the slash command /.

  • [ ] signs are required for every command referenced with that sign, but ( ) are optional.


/creditsShow yours or somebody else's credit/credits [user] (amount)
/repAward someone a reputation point. Can only be used once every 24 hours/rep [user]
/movemeMoves you to another voice channel/moveme [channel or user]
/colorChange your color on the server/color [color's number]
/colorsLists you all the available colors/colors
/shortShortens a URL/short [URL]
/rollrolling dice/roll (number)


/profileView your or someone else's customizable personal global profile card/profile (user)
/rankView your rank card or someone else's in the server/rank (user)
/topDisplay the top members by text or voice/top (day/week/month)
/titleChanges your profile title/title [new title]
/setxpSets the user's xp/setxp [user][type] [new_xp]
/setlevelSets the user's level/setlevel [user][type] [new_level]


/userShows information, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user/user (user)
/avatarGet a user's avatar/avatar (user)
/serverShows information about the server/server
/rolesGet a list of server roles and member counts/roles


/setnickChanges the nickname of a member/setnick [user] (nickname)
/banBans a member/ban [user] (time) (reason)
/unbanUnbans a member/unban [user or user ID]
/kickKicks a member/kick [user] (reason)
/vkickKicks a member from a voice channel/vkick [user]
/mute textMute a member so they can't type in text channels/mute text [user] (time) (reason)
/unmute textUnmutes a member/unmute [user]
/mute voiceMute a member so they can't speak in voice channels/mute voice [user] (time) (reason)
/unmute voiceUnmutes a member from voice channels/unmute voice [user]
/timeoutTimeouts a member/timeout [user] (time) (reason)
/untimeoutRemoves a timeout from a member/untiemout [user]
/clearCleans up channel messages/clear (user/bots) (number of messages)
/moveMoves a member to another voice channel/move [user] (user or channel)
/role giveAdd/remove role(s) for a member/role give [user][role] (bulk)
/role removeremove role(s) from a member/role remove [user][role] (bulk)
/role multipleAdd/remove role(s) from members/role multiple [give_or_remove][role] [pick_type] (required role)
/points setSet the points of a user/points set [user][points]
/points listSee all points/points list (role) (page)
/points decreaseDecrease the points of a user/points decrease [user][points]
/points increaseIncrease the points of a user/points increase [user][points]
/points resetReset the points/points reset (user)
/warnWarns a member/warn [user][reason]
/warn_removeRemove warnings for the server or user/warn_remove [user/all/warnID]
/warningsGet the list of warnings for the server or a user/warnings (user)
/lockDisables @everyone from sending messages in specific channel/lock (channel) (reason)
/unlockAllows @everyone to send messages in specific channel/unlock (channel)
/setcolorChanges role's color by hex codes/setcolor [role name][color code]
/slowmodeEnable or disable slowmode on a channel/slowmode (time)
/resetReset text/voice/invites xp points for all or specific members/reset [text / voice / invites / limits) [all / user]
Important Moderation Notes
  • Only users with Administrator permission, Mod Roles on the dashboard, or the permission for that command can use moderation commands. For example, users with ban permission can use the /ban command.

  • If no time was specified, the default time duration for all time-input commands is 3 months; this can be modified at any time.



The following commands are only available to premium subscribers.

/vip infoShows information about your premium bot/vip
/vip moveMove your premium bot to a new server Tier 2/vip move [number]
/vip restartRestart your premium bot Tier 2/vip restart
/vip whitelistWhitelist a user to allow access to the ProBot dashboard/vip whitelist [user]
/vip avatarChange your bot's avatar Tier 2/vip avatar
/vip usernameChange your bot's username Tier 2/vip username [name]
/vip statusChange your bot's status Tier 2/vip status [status]
/vip transferTransfer your bot ownership to another user Tier 2/vip transfer [user]